The PROPS Center Health Plan

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The New The PROPS Center Health Plan

New Offerings With Limited Underwriting

We are proud to introduce ThePROPSCenterHP, a Member-exclusive health care solution that provides affordable health care coverage for you and your employees.

With insurance premiums on the rise and no end in sight, ThePROPSCenterHP was developed to help Member practices gain control of their expenses while providing quality benefits to employees – helping your practice attract and retain a quality team.

Leverage ThePROPSCenterHP’s group buying power to purchase health care benefits at competitive rates, regardless of your individual practice size.

The new avma
A level-funded health plan

Why a Level-funded Program?

A level funded health plan is a type of plan that combines the cost savings and customization of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of traditional, fully-insured plans. Level funding used to be a concept only available to large employers. Not anymore. Experience the advantages of level-funding through ThePROPSCenterHP without taking on added risk.

Available Benefit Options

All plans are ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant

Traditional PPO

Preferred Provider Organization plans are a level-funded health insurance plan. Unlike with fully insured plans, companies that do not meet the underlying medical underwriting requirements can be turned down for these plans:
-Requires medical underwriting through census data
-Rates can be 20% less than fully insured health plans
- Various networks are offered throughout the country.


An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or ICHRA, is a group insurance option that empowers employees to choose their own medical plan while still allowing employers to contribute to the cost of premiums:
-Takes the employer out the middle of employee health care concerns
-Cost Effective way to control costs health insurance costs.
-No minimum participation requirements, unlike many employer-based plans.
-Allow employer to contribute different levels of premium assistance based on employee class.


Limited day medical plans that have limitations on coverage. Medical underwriting relies on census data and may reject high-risk groups. Features include:
-Zero-dollar deductibles, except for the HSA plan.
-Affordability with low premiums.
-Utilization of the PHCS/Multi-Plan network as the Nationwide PPO Physician Network.
-Requirement for most outpatient services to be done at freestanding clinics, not hospitals, with some exceptions.
-Plan limits for number of annual doctor visits, hospital days, and outpatient services.

Pick the plans and rates

Pick the Plans and Rates That Meet Your Needs

Discover more but our exciting plans and find the perfect fit for both you and your company. We’re confident you’ll find at least one plan that will meet your unique needs.


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