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Founded in 2001 by Sarah Anderson, an insurance executive, and Patrick Thornton, a former HCA hospital CFO, Anderson Thornton Consultants has a unique perspective on the healthcare ecosystem. 

The health insurance industry has been in turmoil for many years. With insurance rates doubling every ten years, many employers are finding it harder and harder to provide benefits for their employees. For most employers, rate increases are offset by decreasing benefits, and shifting more costs to employees; combined with the political winds encircling the industry, uncertainty abounds, and rates continue to climb. 

By reconstructing the healthcare ecosystem, employers can actually manage this expense.

Let our team of professionals show you how.

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Learn more about our executive leaders at Anderson Thornton. Meet the women and men who lead our company.

Steve Layland

Benefits Manager

Kevin martin

Kevin Martin

Process Developer

Ken burgess

Ken Burgess

Managing Director

Pat Thornton

Pat Thornton


Patrick Thornton

Patrick Thornton


Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson