You don't have to accept the status quo

Anderson Thornton Consultants can transform your healthcare ecosystem through unique alternative methods. We know how to manage, measure, and effectively control your claims costs. As claims decrease, so do premiums. Your company doesn’t need a broker. You need a trusted adviser.  

Trusted Adviser

Employers who manage their claims costs effectively see an ROI from the employee benefits spend, as well as better benefits for their employees. We work with different groups of employers and employees working to provide exceptional affordable healthcare to all kinds of organizations.

Knowledge is Power

Have your employees’ pay raises been consumed by the annual increases in your health plan? The quality of the employee benefit package is an important factor in employee job satisfaction and retention. We take the time to educate and empower your employees to maximize their benefits in cost-conscious ways.

Custom Solutions

A long term strategy should also have short term goals. We measure success and adjust to maintain focus on the ROI that the health plan can bring. If your employee benefits are not making a positive contribution to your company’s bottom line, then your plan is not optimized.

Customers who talk about us

Sometimes healthcare is not something we want to talk about, however our customers can’t hold back talking about what we can do for them. 

I had the great fortune of working with Anderson Thornton to help me meet the health care needs of my center.  They provided solutions that improved our benefits while reducing costs.~Lisa Egan

Patrick Thornton of Anderson-Thornton has always been very personable, very helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to presenting an overview of benefits and what’s available. He guides you through the options and takes the time to give clear explanations. I would recommend Patrick and the group to anyone looking for guidance. ~ Mary Rathman 

Anderson Thornton has handled our benefits for a few years now. They have always done a great job of helping us find ways to better serve our employees while maintaining reasonable costs.
They are very responsive when any of our employees have questions on benefits or medical expenses. They take the time to understand that issues and help create the best possible outcome. We have experienced great service and personal attention. ~David Dabasinskas

I met with Patrick Thornton this week, and I was truly amazed at the level of data that Anderson Thornton Consultants use to find the best doctors to help improve healthcare results for employees while saving money for employers at the same time ~Travis Oler