People are a little bit like fish, we congregate to be more efficient. Fish swim in schools to protect themselves from predators, benefit their foraging, and swim more efficiently. This is a concept that we as people do on a daily basis without even realizing it. For example, when the average person goes to work, they have coworkers, often even in the same department. People rely on each other to get tasks done more efficiently thus protecting the company from failing. We do this all of the time. Working together is just better, right? So why can’t we implement this in our healthcare system as well? 

Anderson Thornton Consultants is one of the first healthcare consulting firms to to take advantage of this concept. The more people that are a part of a plan  the more benefits come out of it. These benefits can include greater savings, lower deductibles, and higher returns for the companies. So in reality, the company is helping itself And its employees. 

These plans are called association health plans. These are plans in which multiple companies are a part of one single association plan. So say Joe who owns a crab shack has 20 employees, Bob owns a lawn care company with 30 employees and, Jane owns a gym with 50 employees. Instead of opting for a health plan with 20, 30, or 50 employees, these people would become part of an association with 100 employees. 

By grouping together like fish, businesses can gain many benefits through their healthcare provider that they did not have previously. Be a fish and get the benefits your company deserves today. 

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