Anderson Thornton Consultants is a team of professionals who strive to make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem. We are experts in creating  health plans for employers associations and other groups. We take an alternate path within the health insurance industry which allows us to give your company the best care possible. With our expertise, employers and associations can use traditional or innovative solutions for providing best in-class benefits to their employees. 


Associations are groups of businesses in common industries. Membership in associations benefits small employers in price, quality, and responsiveness. With recent legislative changes, employers can provide better health benefits at better prices.


Our franchise plans are meant for companies too small to obtain group health insurance for their employees. It is often hard to find insurers willing to work with franchises, which is why we offer our services to ensure your franchise's health is covered.

Employer Groups

Employer groups are business partnerships where a company offers discount rates to members. Being part of an Employer group may be one of the most affordable avenues in the health insurance industry. Contact us in order to find out more.

It's time! change your healthcare ecosystem

We are a group of experts in the healthcare industry. With over 200 years of cumulative experience, we have the ability to see past the basic plans and find one that truly suits your company. We provide exceptional affordable healthcare to organizations around the nation. Our mission is to reconstruct healthcare ecosystems by stretching beyond the bounds of conventional thinking. We find new solutions to make a positive impact in the workplace. 


The culture of our company is client service-focused. We listen and work to understand your challenges, and then we use our expertise to find solutions.

Reference Based Pricing

This approach provides a fair and transparent method of paying claims. Traditionally, claims are paid based on discounts off over-inflated billed charges. RBP aims to pay providers fairly for their services, without the expensive markups.

Custom solutions

Many health plans are designed to be one size fits all. Anderson Thornton Consultants will customize a health plan strategy for your company’s short term and long term success.

Our latest news

We keep tabs on the latest news in the industry. Here are articles that written by the Anderson Thornton Team: 

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